Be Prepared: Peaceful Activism Essentials

Copyright © 2017 Lorie Shaull
Copyright © 2017 Lorie Shaull

Today, many people across the country will be participating in the February 17th General Strike, which will include some peaceful demonstrations. Regardless of where you are participating, it is always a good idea to be prepared with essentials that will support and sustain you for long hours outdoors. As much as we try to prepare and think of everything, whether we are going to be traveling or spending the day outside, we always seem to forget something. In an effort to help everyone prepare for demonstrations today and going forward, we have created a Peaceful Activism Packing List.

Get out your sturdy backpack or secure cross-body bag, and consider packing these items to take along with you. Be mindful of keeping valuables in your possession. While these rallies and marches are typically peaceful, it is always a good idea to leave unnecessary valuables at home. Even wearing a hidden money pouch might be a good idea. We have included a zippered plastic bag to the list so that you can waterproof and protect your phone in the event of inclement weather. Additionally,  we have put tape in the “Other” section, in case you need to patch up your sign, however, duct tape can always come in handy in various situations. There are several blank areas in the “Other” section, where you can add any additional items we may have overlooked, or that are more specific to your needs.

You can download a PDF version here, or a JPEG version here.

Happy peaceful activism to all of you, and be safe out there!


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